Bedroom 1: 1-King +1-Twin
Bedroom 2: 1-Queen
Bedroom 3: 1-Queen
Bedroom 4: 2-Twins over 2-Doubles
Great Room: Double Futon
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Why The Name Fandango?
We wanted a name to reflect our fusion of the Spanish & Western Theme.
Besides being fun to say, Fandango, by Western definition means: a party with music, dance and lots of excitement. By Spanish definition, Fandango is a traditional folk music and dance, later incorporated into a Gypsy Fusion called Flamenco.

Check out the instrumental form of Flamenco by Nova Menco on our juke box.
Located in Concan,Texas, 1/4 mile from the Frio river, 1 mile down river road is the House Pasture for nightly entertainment and the Concan Country Club 18 hole golf course and 8 miles from Garner State park.
USGS logo
Frio River Flow Rate Report
Frio River Web Cam 1st crossing at Neals
5 Day Forecast for Concan
Fandango House

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A deer feeder, 3 bird feeders and 2 hummingbird feeders make your back patio a wildlife experience. We refer to it as the wildlife channel, now that's a great reality show!
Frio River water level is always great at Fandango! Swimming pool with New 2017 Cabana and Bar! Sport type pool for volley ball, 3'6" on each end and 5' in the middle. Pool toys, volley ball and net in deck box, please return after use.

Playground area for kids 5-12 years of age. 4-6 inches of rubber mulch to ensure your children's safety. Fort with kids telescope and LED flood lighting for night time activities.

Horseshoe pits, washer cups and corn hole boards included. Large BBQ pit for all your grilling favorites.
Bathroom 1: Tub/Shower
Bathroom 2: Tub/Shower
Bathroom 3: Shower

TV's with satellite in all bedrooms
Swimming Pool
Poolside Cabana w/bar
Hot Tub
Juke Box
Pool Table
Horseshoe pits
Washer cups
Barbeque pit
Outdoor Fire Pit
Outdoor furniture
Covered Patio
Deer Feeder
Bird Feeders
NEW! 2017 Giant Jenga
Corn Hole Boards
Indoor Fire place
Flat Screen TV's
DirectTV Satellite
Ipod Stereo
DVD players
Coffee pot
Washer & Dryer
AT&T Cell Tower
Fandango house is an upscale vacation rental home with so many amenities you will be tempted to never leave your vacation "resort". Make your reservations now with Frio River Vacation Rentals
More pool photos
Frio River Cabin - Fandango logo
Frio River Vacation Home Rental. Make it a Family Tradition!
Enjoy a game of pool while listening to your favorite songs on the Rock-Ola juke box.

Patio also has plenty of seating, including the must have fire pit for making smores.

Patio also inlcudes a hot tub for 6 people.
Fandango house pool side Cabana Frio River Vacation Home Rental Fandango Map
Frio River Cabin - Fandango logo